Moaning Cavern outside Angels Camp Gold Country California


Moaning Cavern, is one of California's great Cavern Vacation getaway opportunities to share with kids and your adult friends and partners. When you visit this vertical cavern, they tell you it  is big enough to fit the Statue of Liberty inside, was named for the moaning sounds that can be heard where water drips into flowstone formations in a natural phenomenon that sounds eerie and exciting, but offers a very logical explanation as to what cause the creepy noise.

Located a few miles outside Angels Camp in California Gold Country, Moaning Cavern superlatives include the longest vertical chamber that traps its victims who never get out. Now thatt's something moan about. First surveyed in the mid-1800's by miners in the Gold Rush era, the Moaning Cavern opened to the public in 1920, and a fee was charged for tours. With its amazing  spiral staircase, 100 feet and 144 stairs constructed from the remains of a World War I battleship, the cave is a point of interest you may want to check out on your Gold Country adventure as you search for the fabulous jumping frogs of Calaveras County.  Spelunking can be arranged as well.

Getting there: 5350 Moaning Cave Road, Vallecito, CA

Where to stay: Since this is California Gold Country and the accommodations are just being built as quickly as the hills can contain the new gold rush of visitors and residents moving to this countryside retreat, the most available for online booking at the time of this writing seems to be Best Western Cedar Inn in Angels Camp, just a short drive from the Moaning Cavern.


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