Mariposa County, Calif.--From the tiniest butterfly to Yosemite National Park's massive Half Dome, Mariposa County lives life large. Unparalleled grandeur is the backdrop for a vacation guaranteed to surpass your expectations! Be sure to visit the tallest waterfalls in North America (Yosemite Falls, 2,425 ft.; Sentinel Fall, 2,000 ft. and Ribbon Fall, 1,612 ft.)



Mariposa County's Yosemite National Park Waterfalls in Yosemite Valley, Calif.



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By: Debbie Stock

Inmariposa butterfly ghost towns, forests, and mountains that whisper the history of thousands of years, Mariposa County's famed Yosemite National Park is a worthy moniker associated with a county whose name in Spanish means "butterfly".  One of California's counties that vacationers might otherwise overlook features the striking Half Dome monolith, a natural rock formation immortalized by Ansel Adams in dramatic black & white photographs. The famous photographer who invented the zone system is remembered for his contributions to preservation and promotion of the region, including the annual Bracebridge Dinner that he helped shape. With a love of culture and an eye toward nature, he a
rtfully captured the essence of striking mountain formations carved by glaciers, and became one of the best promoters of Yosemite, selling his photographs of the park to collectors around the globe. While the Ansel Adams Gallery inside the park sells his prints at affordable prices, his original collection has been valued at $250 million, and a single photo sold in 2006 for over $600,000!


The beloved Yosemite that Adams so fiercely fought to preserve is today focused on conservation. "With kids facing urban challenges such as weight and health problems, the real story here is that the park offers them opportunities to become involved and engaged in healthy living," said Kenny Karst, public relations director for Delaware North Corporation (DNC), the park's official concessionaire. DNC developed and implemented GreenPath, the company's proprietary and award-winning environmental stewardship program which began in the early 1990s with its Yosemite National Park operations, including luxury hotels Ahwahnee and Tenaya.


vidcam Video of Scott Gediman, park ranger, at Yosemite Lower Falls

It takes a huge effort to protect Yosemite's fragile ecosystem, according to U.S. Department of Interior National Park Service's  Ranger Kari Cobb, who meets and greets some of the three million annual travelers who visit Yosemite Valley. Paved paths designed to keep tourists from trampling the pristine meadows, and a policy that prohibits removing anything from the park (including pine cones,) help minimize and mitigate damage caused by millions of cars, campers, tour buses and people.


Who wouldn't want to protect and preserve this paradise? Mariposa's butterflies gracefully meander in meadows, part of a magical, surreal scene framed by cascading waterfalls that come to life in the spring, spilling melted snowpack into the Merced River. A fantastic place to stay along the river, Yosemite View Lodge in El Portal, sits on the western edge of the national park less than 8 miles from the heart of it more>



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