Mariposa County Wedding Locations Include Yosemite Valley Chapel


yosemite chapel

A beautiful chapel built in 1879, Yosemite Valley Chapel seats approx. 125 for weddings


Mariposa County Wedding Destination for those Seeking Unique and Memorable Events

By: Debbie Stock


It's easy to be swept off your feet in Mariposa County. Hopefully you won't fall anyplace but "in love" with surroundings that not only inspire, but make the heart beat faster. For those seeking a romantic getaway, there's no better place than Mariposa's Yosemite National Park. And when you're ready to "tie the knot," why not consider getting hitched at a quaint chapel that has successfully hosted thousands of marriages throughout its 130 years of existence?


In Yosemite Valley you can actually get married, bring your own minister to officiate, and invite 125 friends to share in your joy at the charming chapel located at the base of a striking mountain rock formation called Half Dome. The ceremonies are simple and fees affordable, costing between $600 - $1000 (subject to change.) Guests will have to pay the national parks entrance fee which is around $20 per car. This is the sort of event that brides and grooms seeking a more natural wedding will prefer, with simplicity being key. If you are happily married, each year in early May the church offers a marriage renewal ceremony to couples.


While the church doesn't allow anything more than a simple ceremony on location with no rice or other objects being thrown as the bride and groom exit the room, there are other great options for weddings and receptions in the valley.  Ahwahnee hotel is close to the chapel, but could be unavailable, or quite expensive. A place worth investigating is the Tenaya Lodge. Catering and events are their specialty, and the hotel generally has greater availability in rooms for guests.


For more casual, themed weddings, the Hotel Jeffery in Coulterville, a California gold rush ghost town, is ideal. The weddings are incredibly affordable and the charm of an authentic hotel with over 150 years of history makes for a memorable, unique event suiting fun-loving people who know how to lighten up. Second or third marriages, and even divorce parties gleefully enjoy the hotel, its proprietress, and resident ghosts who smile and silently toast when wedding ceremonies are "in the house."


The free Mariposa County Visitors Guide offers additional resources for weddings, anniversaries, and other special events. Call: (866) 425-3366, or order online at


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