Lopez Lake

Lopez Lake deer



Arroyo Grande's Lopez Lake Nature Visits, San Luis Obispo County, California



Lopez Lake in Arroyo Grande offers a natural setting ideal for nature watching.  A new annual event is the Lopez Lake Turkey Festival.  Location: Lopez Lake Recreation Area, 6800 Lopez Drive, Arroyo Grande, CA. Call: (805) 788-2386. slocountyparks.org


Who would ever consider watching wild turkey roam just before Thanksgiving comes? Actually, it is an extremely popular activity and one that we've enjoyed in resort destinations such as Carmel Valley Ranch.


So when Lopez Lake in Arroyo Grande announced that a new festival had been added to their list of growing events, we perked up as we searched for things to do (instead of eating turkey), and found this cute idea: Lopez Lake Turkey Festival. The goal of the event is not to eat the birds, but watch the wild ones roam in a natural setting that they call home.


In our photo above, we didn't manage to capture an image of the critters as they ran past our car upon late evening arrival. What we did snap were lots of deer dining on the grasses of this park. Since it was getting dark, it was tough photographing anything that moved, actually. So here you can see the deer that graze quietly not far from humans.


On your visit to this festival event, Lopez Lake Turkey Festival, held approx. one week before Thanksgiving, enjoy seeing the bounty of fresh fields, trees, plants, birds, deer and hopefully some wild turkey.



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