Leon Redbone Performs in California Concerts


Leon Redbone with guitar

Leon Redbone is known for his deep voice, musical phrasing,,  his Panama hat and a smooth style.

If you've never seen Leon Redbone in concert, there are a few opportunities to see him during his California tours. With numerous albums and 30 years of music, you may hear selections from the most current offerings circa 2004, or some of the classics dating back to the 1970s. Either way, we have the feeling that you won't be disappointed in seeing a performance--unless you're expecting punk or other wild and crazy genres of music.

Champagne Charlie, Up a Lazy River, Double Time and Sugar are some of the hit albums you may recall from this artist, who was a favorite of Johnny Carson's and used to appear often on the Tonight Show.

The Canadian-born singer /songwriter looks somewhat like Frank Zappa with his prominent features such as a dark, thick moustache. However, he keeps his hair neatly groomed and his clothing somewhat matches his Panamanian hat, as he's often seen in white linen suits and ties, suspenders, and a very genteel look.

Redbone has spent plenty of time in the recording studios of California, and on the tour circuit as well. His music hall appearances offer opportunities for you to  hear him play his guitar and sing. If you get a chance to see Redbone in concert, he is a great showman.

In 2008, Redbone appeared at The Coach House in San Juan Capistrano, Calif., Old Town Temecula Community Theater and Anthology Restaurant and Live Music Club in San Diego.



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