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Green Acres Lavender Farm, 8865 San Gabriel Road, Atascadero, CA 




Green Acres Lavender Farm is the colorful, fragrant business that offers pleasure to consumers around the globe seeking a fresh, healthy product. The brain child of a couple whose combined talents include launching businesses and marketing expertise, the Green Acres Lavender Farm sits amongst Central Coast's rolling hills where the lavender-colored plant grows abundantly in Atascadero.


In addition to growing edible lavender buds that have been used in the launch of a new line of teas, as flavoring in cakes and other delicious confections, Green Acres Lavender Farm also produces skin products such as oils, lotions, soaps and sachets from the lavender plants' buds. Known for its subtle fragrance perfect for men and women, children and even pets, lavender has been used for centuries in many countries as a deodorant, spice and even a cut flower decoration.


On Green Acres, a farm that lives up to its name as a lush, lovely landscape (quite unlike the popular 60's TV show Green Acres), the 100-year old property has grown many types of things throughout its life. When acquired in 1998, the 4+ acres property quickly became the largest lavender grower and distiller in San Luis Obispo County yielding over 12,000 plants. Growing mostly Grosso lavender, a hardy plant that thrives in the Central California climate, owners Janice Silva and Bob Bostwick have gravitated toward this plant for its hardy properties.


 A knowledge of plants comes naturally to Janice, who worked in the New York City Floral Design and Event Planning industry, where she helped stage Today, Good Morning America, Live with Regis and Kathy Lee and other shows. She brought her love of working with flowers to the Central Coast. Her husband, Bob, has worked many years in the construction industry, but has always enjoyed gardening. Together the couple have combined their skills to come up with a business that extends beyond the traditional concepts of a farm. Used both as a teaching opportunity to students, and an inviting place the public can visit (by appointment), Janice and Bob also host small concerts, dinners and special events to celebrate the farm and its harvests.


Where to stay

If you want to experience the smell of lavender and good vibes the emanate from sound growing practices, you can stay at Green Acres Lavender Farm in the vacation rental located right on the farm. (The digs are mostly roughing it here!) Call or email for details and pricing: Tel:(805)466-0837.




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