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Kissing Tip:


“Don’t bungle the matter by five minutes of torture, like a cat playing with a mouse. Kiss deliberately, enjoy its full flavor like champagne from a flask.”


-  Advice in Weekly Columbian 1857


These valuable pointers caught the attention of an older but very wealthy former gold-miner named Joe. Shortly after these tips appeared, he was noticed planting lavish kisses on one of the most beautiful young maidens in town. But apparently it wasn’t the kisses that set her heart on fire. “He won her over with magnificent presents,” confirmed a correspondent from The Sacramento Bee. “Having bestowed upon her thousands of dollars worth of jewelry, he led her to the altar.”


Soon after the wedding, the bubbly bride convinced the love-struck octogenarian to let her travel East for a visit with relatives. “The groom reluctantly consented, furnished her with several thousand dollars, saw her onboard ship and bade her a most affectionate farewell.”


The steamer left San Francisco for New York but the newlywed never reached the destination. Soon after the vessel departed, she slipped overboard with a young man on a boat let down from the ship. “The unsuspecting husband grieves for his absent one and longs for her return, little knowing that she already has,” the paper said. “If he knew, wouldn’t he open his eyes? slightly—Love is blind!”


The Art of Kissing, along with what comes with it, can get you into all sorts of predicaments. Another lass, named Polly, kissed her husband goodbye as he left Missouri for California to strike it rich. Months went by and she never heard a word. Growing anxious, the desperate housewife set out to find a replacement to do the hugs and kisses. She found one, got her divorce papers and married the chap. The very next day, the joyous bride was stunned to receive a $1000 bank draft and letter from none other than her now gold-rich ex-husband (who had no idea he was an “ex”). To make matters worse, she couldn’t even cash the draft because it was made out to her former name—Smith. Polly Brown ended up a day late and more than a dollar short!


Another shocking switcheroo occurred in Drytown. It involved two best friends who shared a claim and even the same sweetheart—a tremendous kisser named Abigail. Being so close and loyal to each other, the pals decided to play a game of cards to see who would get to continue pursuing their angel. Pete won. He kissed and wooed Abigail until she agreed to get hitched. But Pete had second thoughts because of all the years he’d shared with Gus and called off the engagement. Later that evening, he went into town and discovered a celebration in full swing. Wondering what all the commotion was about, Pete got the shock of his life when he spotted Gus and Abigail kissing near a town hall door. They had been married minutes before. (So much for friendship.)


One clever Marysville woman named Dorothy had a unique approach when searching for a spouse. She placed an ad in the paper, “AHUSBAND WANTED by a lady who can wash, cook, sew, rock the cradle (gold rocker, I Thank You Sir!)…Now for her terms: Her age is none of your business. She is neither handsome nor a fright, yet an old man need not apply …. There must be $20,000 settled on her.” It would have made a great ending if we knew she had found her perfect fella and that they had lived happily ever after in the real Sierra mining camp of Puckerville.




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