Huntington Library & Gardens
Huntington Gallery san marino
photos of Huntington Gallery (formerly Huntington's residence)

The Huntington Gallery (formerly the Huntington Residence) is shown in photos above. The gallery, a museum and vast gardens are open to the public with an admission fee charged. Visitors: 626-286-1022   Huntington Library: 1151 Oxford Rd   626 405-2141 

Not to be confused with the city of Huntington Beach in Orange County, California, is the Huntington Library and Gardens, located some 40 miles north in Los Angeles County's wealthy community of San Marino. The Huntington Gallery interior and veranda shown above were originally the Huntington residence. This fabulous space contains one of the best collections of 18th & 19th century British and French art in the U.S., and is where you'll find Gainsborough’s The Blue Boy and Lawrence’s Pinkie.



Named after the same person, Henry Huntington, the city of Huntington Beach and the museum / estate of  the oil magnate have left lasting marks on the Southern California landscape, often confusing tourists who show up in Huntington Beach to visit the museum, only to discover it isn't there.


Henry Huntington spread his wealth through the Southern California landscape in the vein of John D. Rockefeller, another oil magnate who became the world's first billionaire, and formed Standard Oil Company in Cleveland, Ohio. But the local Huntington's efforts created a legacy that remains for tourists and citizens today to enjoy. Among the treasures is an estate that sits on the acreage of the Huntington Library and Gardens.  The vast complex includes several themed gardens tourists can wander through, and an extensive library with significant, rare documents.


Pictured above is the interior and exterior veranda of Huntington's home, which is also available for viewing with paid admission to the museum.