EARTHDANCE California Celebrations for World Peace in September


cubensis grateful dead band performs
audience dances to band


Groups such as Cubensis have performed at the California EARTHDANCE festival. Celebrated annually around the globe each September for world peace and earth's healing, the event includes bands, dancing and a prayer.


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Los Gatos
San Diego Dusty Rhodes Park, Nimitz & Sunset Cliffs.

San Pedro  
EARTHDANCE is celebrated in five or more locations in California one weekend in September. It's an annual event held around the globe held on the same weekend. Now over a decade old, the event combines live music with a brief interlude of prayer and a world peace OM (usually on Saturday afternoon around 4 - 6 PST), to link up with other people around the world celebrating EARTHDANCE at over 300 location in over 60 countries (those numbers are fluid, and keep changing annually). Most people probably know what OM is but if you don't, it is a low humming sound humans make, saying the word, "om" as they concentrate, relax, and meditate. While Om is a universal word and hum used in many meditative efforts, it has been derived from the  Dharmic religions and is placed at the beginning and end of a reading of any prayer or mantra.

So at the EARTHDANCE, the prayer for world peace and healing is one common thread that these music festivals around the globe all share, with a selected issue or subject the theme each year. In 2007 the theme was "healing the earth's water".  A percent of proceeds from the event are to be given to nonprofit organizations and while some EARTHDANCE events charge a fee, some are free. 

In California the hub event is in Laytonville, out in the redwood forests of Northern California. Mendocino County where the event is held on a ranch is a three day festival that sounds more like a new age commercialized event with its trendy names for activities and attractions within the fest. It's a new age Woodstock with all the trappings. Cafes, food vendors and vendor booths where attendees can purchase stuff. The names are clever and cute and have included Global Artisans Market, Late Night Cinema, Healing Village, Kidlandia, Activist Alley, All Night Music Caf├ęs, Elders Council, Healing Village, Storytelling Tipi and Astro Forecast.  In today's world, you have to be savvy and plan appropriately for the crowds or you will not get permits to hold such events, nor will they be financially viable.

In addition to the hub Laytonville event (which offers one of the most beautiful settings on earth) complete with camping, Tehachapi in the stark, dry desert of Kern County and Markleeville in the mountains of Alpine County both offer three-day events (subject to change). Meanwhile the Southern California scene that's less conducive to campouts and three day music festivals in the big city features one day events in San Diego's Balboa Park and an afternoon celebration in San Pedro's Point Fermin Park.

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