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Disneyland Resort includes both Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure.
What You Need to Know About Disneyland Tickets

* Children under 3 get in free, and anyone ten years old or older pays adult admission for Disneyland tickets.
* The lowest-priced, one-day Disneyland tickets are good for only one park. In other words, you can't visit Disneyland in the morning and Disney's California Adventure in the afternoon of the same day. (this sometimes is true, however, Disneyland is playing around with the formula so keep your eyes open for special passes.
* Multi-day Disneyland tickets and one-day Hoppers allow you to visit both parks on the same day. The multi-day Disneyland tickets expire 13 days after the first use.
* If you order online, you can also opt for eTickets which you can print out at home. This saves you the shipping costs, but even more important, an eTicket can be replaced if you forget or lose it. If that happens, just head for Guest Services at the Main Entrance Will Call window with the credit card you used to purchase your tickets and a photo ID and they can issue a new ticket.

Disneyland Tickets - Prices

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Disneyland California
Disneyland California resources include a vacation planner, ride reviews, Disneyland lodging, directions, Disneyland legends, maps and more information about Disneyland California.
Pictures of Disneyland (11) When to Go to Disneyland (2) Maps of Disneyland (4) Disneyland Tickets (2) Where to Stay at Disneyland (11) Ride Guide (5)
Disneyland Vacation Planner
Our free, eight-step Disneyland vacation planner will help you find a place to stay, save money and spend less time in line.

Disneyland Disneyland Hotel CA Disney California California  Map
How to Get to Disneyland California
Find out how to get to Disneyland by air or car, where to park and how to get to the park from your hotel. Includes information about bus service from San Diego, California.
7 Ways to Avoid Standing in Line
A guide to avoiding standing in lines at Disneyland, having more fun and saving money at the same time
7 Ways to be a Smart Visitor
For many people, Disneyland is the dream vacation, a trip of a lifetime. Why spend all your time there in line, or pay too much for your trip? Our guidelines will help you avoid the most common mistakes Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure visitors make.
Disneyland Visitor's Guide
Disneyland visitor guide, including cost estimator, money-saving suggestions, how to get to Disneyland and more.
Disney's California Adventure Visitor's Guide
Disney's first new California park since 1955 is California, Disney-style. Learn about all its attractions and charms.
Disneyland California Resort
Overview of all things Disney at the Anaheim, California resort - theme parks, hotels, Downtown Disney.
Money-Saving Tips for Your Disneyland California Trip
We'll show you how to have the most fun for the lowest cost with our Disneyland cost estimator and these Disneyland money-stretching tips.
Before You Leave for Disneyland
Get a checklist of things to do before you leave home for Disneyland.
Meeting the Disney Characters
Read about all the ways you can meet and dine with the Disney characters at the parks and in the restaurants.
Disneyland at Christmas
A guide to visiting at Christmas, special seasonal activities and how to cope with the crowds.
Disneyland at Halloween
A guide to visiting at Halloween, including special fall season activities

History of Disneyland California is an interesting, yet simple concept. Something to keep the kids happy, yet it grew into an entertainment mecca for all ages.

An overview of the park's history from Walt Disney's earliest idea to the 50th anniversary includes the formation of the small amusement with a dream from Walt Disney to entertain his children into one of the world's largest entertainment businesses.

Urban Legends about Disneyland range from the real hidden Mickeys around the park to bodies buried underneath the theme park.

The truth behind the Disneyland stories is that basically some are made up and some are true.



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