Disneyland's Makeover --Rates Go Up

Is Mickey getting a bit tricky with those new rates that Disney is charging? Just when the economy is down, they raise the entry fee $3 again! Truth is attendance is doing great according to the park's people (though word on the street is attendance is down), but profits were down in 2008 -2009, according to the official story. So what's going on at my favorite theme park that I hear celebrating every night around 9:30 p.m. when the fireworks show goes off?


Disneyland's California Adventure, which opened in 2001 next to Disneyland in Anaheim, has been a series of hits and misses--but mostly misses, we think. Now on their 2nd, 3rd, or 4th re-decorating binge, the little park that's only a fraction of the size of the first, drew around 5.5 million visitors in 2008, or half the gate count of Disneyland. That's actually quite good when you consider the limitations and size. Much of the attendance is based on the packaged two-to-five day tickets sold. See our Disneyland tickets!


A $1.1 billion upgrade to California Adventure is in the works and a few things are being retooled to see if they stick. Mickey's face was placed on the Sun Wheel Ferris and they now call it  Mickey's Fun Wheel....back to basics, huh?

World of Color, a water show named after Walt Disney's first TV series, "World of Color", will be featured at night, kind of like the water shows they used to have at SeaWorld San Diego, sponsored by Sparkletts. 1,200 programmable fountains are being designed  for the world's largest water screen, which will feature 50-feet-high animated Disney movie excerpts via projectors. Kind of a Bellagio meets water show appropriately will showcase what Disney does so well, movies.


Stepping back to Disneyland's look and feel, Main Street redux should offer classic Disney appeal. From San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge at the entry (which is supposed to be removed), to the bright, silly sunshines and California Greetings, the new park designs are old, really, but not in a negative sense. Classic California, Hollywood-land, a Red Trolley Car, and more traditional elements drawing theme's from L.A.'s past, plus removal of the boardwalk Man-hat-n Beach arcade to  a Victorian boardwalk, all promise to provide a different look. 


Bye bye Drew Carey and Mulholland Madness. Farewell, to the things that didn't make sense. So long, Golden Dreams Theater (my spouse's favorite), and welcome to the Disney Magic, returning in the vein of Disneyland.



Little Mermaid ride

Cars Land with three rides--Radiator Springs Racers; Tow Mater's Junkyard Jamboree; and Luigi's Roamin' Tires


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 Downtown Disney



Disneyland Fireworks 

Disneyland Fireworks Show is n