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Desert Vacations in California often include casinos. While California Casinos are owned and operated by sanctioned, recognized Native American tribes, their offerings are limited compared to neighboring Nevada and Las Vegas. However, the entertainment, nightlife, and close proximity to Los Angeles and San Diego make for the right combination to attract all adult ages to this fun activity and sport, some call it.


desert mapMore and more, casinos are raising the bar on quality accommodations and entertainment, and you'll discover top name acts attract crowds who linger and maybe play a game or drop some time on slots.


In California, the desert casinos are mostly located in Palm Desert regions Palm Springs, Cabazon and nearby Rancho Mirage in San Diego County, where you will find other popular casinos.   While most the desert casinos feature dining, some have spas, and there is swimming, you may want to get out and explore the great shopping and art the desert cities are known for.



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