Big Trees State Park, Californiaa

A wise old tree sits amongst a forest of Big Trees in the Sierra Nevada mountains. Humans leave only footprints in this spacious forest where we are simply dwarfed by the spirit and soul of the living creatures that surround us.


For those of us lost in the forest--believing we knew a steady path, then finding ourselves suddenly abandoned and without hope of returning to our roots, the journey can be sad, confusing, treacherous and not without  loss. Not everyone survives the challenge of finding their way, in fact.


A battle for the human soul rages. Some pass their life's test with steady foot and unwavering confidence that they are making the world better. Others lose their footing amongst the Big Trees, and fall prey to promise. Big Trees forest was, in fact, a land of sacrifice. When discovered and promoted a century ago, one of the largest trees in the grove was cut down with hopes of using it to make money. The world would not believe the size of this giant, and some believed that silly humans would pay a fortune to see this majestic entity.






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