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Concord Chocolate Festival (Past Event)


Concord, California Chocolate Festival includes great chefs, and tons of chocolate goodies paired with wines.

Are you a chocolate nut? WE ARE, for sure!  Rich fudge brownies, cute little chocolate pigs and ducks for Easter gifts, chocolate fountains where you can dip a marshmallow or sweet cake, and lavishly decorated wedding and gift cakes coated in chocolate and roses, make for the perfect event to sample the sweet food, and to find sources for your weddings and events requiring desserts.


Held annually in Concord, in East Bay San Francisco (California), the Concord Chocolate Festival allows guests who purchase tickets plenty of samples of the food that's proven to contain ingredients to make people feel good. A bit of chocolate in most people's lives will do no harm, and in fact, may actually offer benefits.


So on this one special day each year, this Northern California city celebrates a dessert and what some consider a staple in the diet, much as other cities around California and the globe do. The event features a specific type of chocolate each year, includes guest authors who write about chocolate, and chefs who specialize in fulfilling dreams with their chocolate creations. It almost makes one hungry just writing about this food and looking at the pictures of the chocolate being served in Concord.


Sponsorships help bring the event into existence and the Concord Chamber of Commerce is the host, putting the event together. If you need more information about upcoming chocolate festivals and events in Concord, visit or