California Christmas Photos

Motorcycle Santa parade wields its way through Main Street Huntington Beach

California Christmas photos are the most popular photos for photographic print and framing businesses as people enter the card giving, picture giving season. Putting a photo on a coffee mug, calendar or card are a few ways to share the love of the holiday season. We just like it because the symbols and colors are so striking. Reds, snowflake blues, ballerina tutu lavender or white, environmental green and splashes of color to surround the theme make this winter holiday a stocking full of candy colored scenes that provide excuses or reasons to be outdoors living, and enjoying. Our California Christmas photo album is filled with whatever tickles us.  For years we've photographed the corporate Christmas parties and provided the couples' pictures with the gold embossed date and event name on the dark paper frame. Doggy portraits for friends have come into the mix, as well. But most of all, the beach decorations such as pier mounted lit snowflakes, or events such as a ski patrol torchlight parade simply touch the heart like no other experience. Combining dynamic lighting and elements of nature with the interactions of humans in their environment, the statements are about man's place on this earth. Hopefully you share our enthusiasm for the need to pay homage to humans who interact with and are inspired by life. Happy California Christmas Picture Joys!


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