California Vacations Train Rides for Kids & Adults






Who doesn't like the idea of taking a train ride on a California vacation? Well some people (including a fair share of teens,) would say they don't. Rather sitting at the beach watching the sunbathing action, teens aren't always open to traditional concept of fun that they grew up on with Thomas the Train.


Yet, in California, there are some fun teen trains such as the Beach Train that goes from Felton to Santa Cruz BoardWalk. Lots of teenagers ride this "A" ticket. Also, the Universal Studios Tram Ride features some thrills not quite the same as the mild-mannered Disneyland Train.


For the older set (mature 21+ wine-sippers), the Napa Wine Train is a dinner train that certainly fits the bill for adult entertainment. Elegant meals, a tour of the lush Napa Valley and wine pairings aboard a three hour excursion make for a very special date you shouldn't escape when visiting Napa.


Ecology, nature and animals all combine in several great rides at San Diego's Wild Animal Park tram. It takes you through grasslands similar to other continents where the animals roam free in a natural environment. We've seen a few animals take out smaller prey on this ride, and though the reality is somewhat filtered, you may see some surprises.


For those seeking utilitarian rides that still can be fun, try the Coaster Train from Oceanside to downtown San Diego, or a cable car ride in San Francisco. People think we're absolutely nuts, but I and my friends get more entertainment on the Los Angeles MetroRail trains than I do sitting at a computer studying this stuff. MetroRail Blue Line from Long Beach to L.A. is my favorite, as the journey through Compton and Watts offers another unique cultural set to view and enjoy. Don't be afraid! During daylight hours, wander over to the Watts Tower for an hour, then hop back aboard the train to Los Angeles, which connects with Union Station (Amtrak), Hollywood & Highland (Red Line), or Riverside County (Gold Line?), and even LAX (Green Line).


Do you need some California vacation travel tips? When you come equipped, the journey can be so much more rewarding!