California Vacation Travel Tips for Travelers to California Beaches, State

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Some travel tips for California beaches and state travel that have nothing to do with the obvious concerns about finding hotel rooms or great beaches include questions and concerns that arise while on the road. We seem to have examined those issues ad finitum on this website. We provided the girlfriend getaway ideas, guy getaways, pet friendly hotels, pet friendly beaches, gay places, nude beaches, on and on. Left, right, up and down, we've trampled the sandy ground that comprises a fantastic California beach vacation. And part of our mission has always been to make sure you don't become an accident. Please be sure to consider and read beach safety tips that may help you avoid pitfalls of the California beaches.


More practical, every-day concerns that may pop up when you are on the road are sometimes overlooked, however. Many a time we've traveled, requiring medical care, a refrigerator for some special medicine, or a specific food or physical item to enhance a trip. One useful tool on our hotel book system is the "more search options" on the hotel reservations booking system.



In addition to links allowing you to book these items, youu'll notice you can also look for pet friendly hotels, tennis, casino, golf, airport shuttle and other amenities required for a vacation. Please try the panel for a search of special items to see how you can try to find a place that's pet friendly in a specific city, for example. In addition to offering  Attractions that include theme parks, tours, etc. throughout the U.S., you'll also find you can book Flights  on most airlines, or rent a car, buy combo Packages that combine hotels with theme park and attraction tickets and also discover something we have used a lot, the Deals. With this search, we have found prices lower than any other site on the Internet, because this service negotiates blocks of rooms at special rates. Sometimes there are only one or two rooms, so you really have to book fast when you see these deals. We've tried to book with our friends and discovered that one will get the room and the other won't because there was only one or two available. 

If this was our only travel tip for California beaches, it would serve you well. But some quirky ideas about shopping and finding stuff have been daily discoveries that really have helped make the most out of a comfortable vacation. Not guaranteed to be there when you need them as most are tied to shopping and dining, just check them out and realize that they are subject to change, and in most cases, you should check before going, especially if you are hoping to count on such recommendations.


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