Highway 299 Northern California Highway Photos


moonlight over highway
highway road turn signs


State Route 299 MapState Route Highway 299 in Northern California is a California State Road. A portion of the road is a designated National Scenic Byway. The road features twists and turns and traverses many forests. From the (Pacific) ocean to the Nevada desert, SR299, the highway is normally a two-lane road, that's seldom flat and boring. As it works its way from Arcata at the Pacific Ocean, to the Nevada desert ghost towns, its journey is a documentation of 30 years in which it was built beginning in 1934.


Some say it never actually was completed, primarily because it has been realigned at different points throughout California during its over 80 year existence.


The highway is approx. 300 miles long in California, from west to east (or vice versa), and runs through mostly smaller towns that transverse forests, state and national park lands. Perhaps that's why it maintains the esteemed designation as a National Byway (because of the lack of development along its several hundred miles journey. The highways and roads in northern California often intersect the north to south routes of Interstate Highway 5, and SR299 is no exception.


In the photos above you can see a portion of the highway between Redding and Arcata in the redwood forests that approach the coastal region.  The left photo was taken out the front window of the car while heading west toward Arcata just as the sun almost set. In the picture you can see a tree top and the moon. In the right photo you can see road signs for right angle turns in the road and warning to slow to 25 miles per hour.


The map below shows an enlargement of the SR299 route take on the journey appearing in the photos, while the map above shows the entire state of California, parts of Oregon and Nevada where SR299 continues on.


big bar map