California Greetings - Welcome to California




California Greetings or Greetings from California. Either way you shake, rock and roll it, the welcome from the Golden State comes out sweet as an orange blossom fragrance, colorful as the State Flower, the California poppy, as remarkable as the Golden Gate Bridge's signature orange-red color, and as breath-taking as its beaches.


So we posed the question to readers, what icons most represent California that you'd expect to see in one of the postcards, stamps or even on a storefront that welcomes millions to the shores of the West Coast state known for many things.


Among the top items reported in a survey..


1. Hollywood

2. Disneyland

3. Golden Gate Bridge

4. Beaches

5. Disagreement over the fifth most recognized icon in California has brought many comments. Here are some: State Capitol dome, California poppy, grizzly bear, cable car, baseball




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