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California Classic Car Events


California is the Classic Car Capital! Why? The weather is so kind to paint and bodies, it's a known fact that some of the finest VWs and vintage retired cars make it south of the border where they live out their lives in Mexico, thanks to the gentle weather.


Perhaps that's why you'll notice that there's a car show going on somewhere in California each weekend in the summer. And there's exponential growth in these shows now helping raise money for school programs, sick children, adults,  and a variety of community needs as money is harder to come by.


Upcoming events in California featuring fabulous cars include an annual Concours d' Elegance in Huntington Beach, where one of the oldest car clubs meets each Saturday in a street car&rod event known as Donuts Derelicts.


Clearlake Car Show in June is a hot event with retro-dressed ladies and gents, or the Fountain Valley Car Show at Mile Square Park.


While Ventura Vintage Rods & Corona del Mar Car Classic meet in September, this summer promises to offer many delicious surprises in the car world.


Several California car museums we enjoy throughout the year include California Automobile Museum in Sacramento,  and Murphys Auto Museum in Oxnard.


If you feel like you can't get enough of those fabulous classics such as Buggatis, Bentleys and Barracudas, you can come out of the closet or bring your car out of the garage and begin entering it in car shows around the state. There are literally thousands of car shows and events to enjoy.

One car enthusiast, Randy Lyford, of Huntington Beach, Calif., drives a classic 1952 Wood Sedan. His car has appeared in ads, been driven in parades, and entered into countless car shows. If you ask Randy why his car is so special, he'll tell that the car represents his life. When Lyford, who can often is seen with a surfboard hanging out the back of his deep green wood,  met the love of his life, the "wood" became as much a part of their relationship as the reminder of their youth is today when Lyford cruises to the beach.


"People wave to me and smile all day long," says the old-time surfer who's all about culture and memories. "Cars are like people, and if you treat them right, they bring you so much joy."

California car events are numerous throughout the state of California and occur all year long.



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