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Burnt Ranch, California in Trinity County Gold Country

Burnt Ranch is yet another road stop along Highway 299 between Redding and the Pacific Coast in northern California. As the two-lane road twists and winds in natural breaks between the giant redwood forests, you're treated along the way to some lakes, some river streams that run beside the road from time to time, and an occasional building announcing food, fuel or river rafting.


Burnt Ranch Gorge is the spot for some serious river rafting and kayaking. If there's one thing this area is known for, that would be it. Kayakers and river rafters from around the country (and globe) know about this area and add it to their cache of challenges. Located west of the Shasta Cascade region, a sportsman's paradise, Northern California is somewhat of a hidden secret that escapes the radar of many urban dwellers from Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose and San Diego.


For many of us who love to explore California, there's not a lot of time to stop and kayak or take a rafting tour, but just seeing the towering forests, the old snack shops and buildings such as the Burnt Ranch shop shown above, makes the drive along Highway 299 pure excitement and entertainment.


Can you imagine living in Corona del Mar and seeing this shop on Pacific Coast Highway? Probably not. But the character and charm of such buildings in this neck of the woods where structures are often constructed of sturdy redwood lumber, makes them last longer than the stucco houses in the metropolitan regions.


Longevity is a word appreciated in this region. Since there's not a Walmart, KMart or Walgreens for miles around, people use their resources and tend to keep things, rather than throw them away. This "green" lifestyle reflects the surroundings. National forests and parks, rivers and gorges, hiking, camping and river rafting, plus lake and stream fishing are some of the activities you can expect to find in and around Burnt Ranch.


The winters can bring snow, and it's not unusual to see or experience a variance of 50 degrees from night to day. Summers are warmest in July and August where the temperature can climb to the mid-90's and stay there for a while. But the air is usually a dry, warm air that's quite comfortable--and ideal for water sports.


So the next time you seek a great vacation away from the city, you can fly into Eureka or Redding on direct flights from Los Angeles (Alaska Air offers them), rent a car at their small regional airports and be on your way to driving along some of the most scenic back roads and byways that you'll ever find. Highway 299 that passes through Burnt Ranch between Redding and Eureka is one such destination.


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