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Buellton--Buellton City Limits roads signs are everything in the small city that's long been home to Andersen Split Pea Soup, hotels, gas for your car and a serene mountain setting.


 Buellton, California--Buellton City Limits - You can almost hear Willie Nelson singing "On the Road Again" as you cruise down Highway 101 through Central California's Buellton. If the Andersen's Split Pea signs, (earmarks on the road for decades) don't tip you off that you've arrived, then the Buellton City Limit sign surely will.

Signs announce the highlights--food, hotels, gas and two missions nearby. You may notice the Windmill style hotel that was part of the scenery and home for a few short days to two bachelors in a movie, "Sideways". Anyone who has wandered along the rocks that line the road next to AJ Spurs and Hitching Post restaurants surely will get a laugh at the filming of two friends walking and talking, the ground crunching beneath their feet as car zip by. 

The picture shown above is typical of what you'll see when driving on Highway 101 on the Central California Coast. Cars packed with stuff and lots of things attached--kayaks, bicycles, lawn chairs and sometimes pulling a trailer filled with motorcycles or all terrain vehicles, are a few of the signs of travel in California.  

Located between Buellton and Lompoc, located between two mission--Mission Santa Ines and Mission La Purisima Concepcion, and popular for its green-colored split pea soup, there are several highlight to Buellton. There's the restaurant with some stand up painted scenes visitors can poke their faces in and take silly photos, or they can drive across Highway 101 the other direction and feed ostriches at the ostrich farm.  Another seasonal offering that is one of California's favorite holidays is the Solvang Pumpkin Patch, near the Buellton border line.

Fast food restaurants for tourists needing a quick fix, a movie theater, hotels and dining are some of the features of this road stop. As you step out of your car (and maybe unload a bicycle or two off the bike rack you have mounted in the back,) you'll discover scenic mountains that are green after a winter rain, and burnished gold during the summer months.

If you're looking for a place to renew and refresh, try Buellton. If you spend more time beyond the highway and signs, be sure to drive into Solvang for an Aebleskiver or some pastries, a Danish meal and shopping in this touristy Danish village. Highlight include lots of windmill architecture, souvenirs, food and a stature of Hans Christian Anderson.

For golfers, several golf coursed provide great entertainment. La Purisima Golf Course, and Buellton's 9 hole Zaca Creek Golf Course, a public course featuring 1,590 yards of play with a par of 29
223 Shadow Mountain Drive, Buellton, CA. Call: (805) 688-2575


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