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Big Bar, California in Trinity County (home to the Trinity Alps), has a small but mighty population of sports enthusiasts and outdoorsmen who love their trout or salmon fishing, river rafting, hikes, gold panning, and just about anything you can do in the one of California's most beautiful forest and lakes regions.


With hot summer temperatures around the mid to upper 90's in July and August, and cool winters that can shed even a bit of snow, this rugged region in which redwood forests start to populate their way toward the northern California coast, is also on the edge of Bigfoot Country where the Sasquatch lives in legend and, who knows--maybe in reality, as well.


Big Bar touts a population of under 200 people. It has a cafe, camping, and river rafting businesses that serve travelers. So popular is river rafting in this region that thousands pass through annually to enjoy challenges that range from Level 1 and 2 (mildest) to swifter rapids in the mid-range, all the way to screamers pushing toward 6 when the snow melt from the Trinity Alps comes roaring down the mountains into the Trinity River in the spring.


One of the most prominent and fun river rafting companies in the area is Trinity River Rafting. Prices on their guided rafting trips that range from half to full day start around $50, which is quite a deal for the ride and a tour. There are many options that include expert rafting rentals without guides, as well. For information, your best bet is to check out their website,


There's not much in the way of hotels. You won't even find fast food joints, and maybe you'll be able to by a little gas for your car so Big Bar is best enjoyed for what it offers--a pit stop on the road between Redding and the California Coast (Eureka, Arcata, etc.), or a fantastic place to partake of outdoor activities in a setting beyond compare.


Where to stay (if you need hotels, which we do!): Big Bar is equal distance between the two largest regions on the north coast and Shasta Cascade's Redding.  Arcata / McKinleyville on Highway 299. Redding has the largest selection of accommodations, though Eureka's lodgings are quite special with even some Victorian, 4 Diamond hotels to pamper yourself, so it is just a matter of which way you're going, be it east or west.



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