Photos of Beach with Silhouettes of Play at Sunset

browns and oranges at sunset at beach
picture of people walking at the beach
Beach Photo of Sunset at the Beach with Kids Playing Football and Couples Strolling Away from Ocean


Kids beach vacations - With over 9 million kids under the age of 18 living in California alone, it's hard to grasp the the magnitude of beach vacations and sums of money spent on children to show them a good time.  All things considered, it's really amazing the beaches aren't more crowded.


Standing on the front line of kids central and the kids beach vacation experience are people like Mike Ali at  Zacks Beach Concessions in Orange County.  When summer's on, Mike's high school and college age kids all pitch in along with hired outside staff to serve the needs of youth, teens and their families. Serving up hamburgers, french fries, sodas, ice cream, smoothies and bottled water, these beach concession sell food and rent popular beach items from several beachfront stores. They rent body boards, inline skates, bikes, baby buggies, tandems, umbrellas and chairs, volleyballs and sell a ton of sand toys for the little ones. They also rent wetsuits, surfboards and provide surfing lessons for a fee.


Beaches where kids seem to have fun include the beaches with ample concessions and lots of things to do. Some of the top beaches for kids vacations in California include Pismo Beach where they can rent low-to-the-ground peddlers that move along the waterline, and for the athletic youth there's the ATV Oceano Dunes Recreation Vehicular Area where you can rent dune buggy style all terrain vehicles or bring your own. Available but less popular is horseback on the Central Coast beaches.


From the vehicular kids activities to simple pleasures such as swings on the beach, as advisors and consultants to destinations we often tell them to build the swings, for gosh sakes.  The small investment in swing sets on a beach means that families aren't forced to leave to keep the young, cranky kids happy before they get tired and fall asleep. It's a ritual kids go through of fighting to fall asleep, and swings and playgrounds on the beach say, "family".


Who doesn't love amusements, arcades, and video games? One special city celebrated 100 years of BoardWalk pleasure in 2007 as the kid beach vacation paradise. Santa Cruz has done a bang up job of maintaining its history, while keeping it fun for today's youth. To add to the thrills, visitors can board their kids on a Thomas the Train adventure at Big Trees Railroad in Felton, and take the beach train during the summer to the beach.


Santa Barbara has several really cool things for kids. One item is a fantastic skate park overlooking the beach. It's a beautiful outdoor facility. Another is a carousel and then there's the sandy park, plus a


LA beaches are filled with kids, millions of them.  The main attractions are paved paths for bicycle riding, skating, and the waves for surfing. From Santa Monica to Torrance Beach, the cities are still looking out for the kids by giving them the swings.


Orange County beaches are family-friendly. You'll find Mike Ali and his Zack's Beach Concessions there.  Swings and playgrounds can be found for the younger crowed at Seal Beach, Sunset Beach, Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, Dana Point and San Clemente.


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