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Ballet San Jose The Firebird scenes

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San Jose, California's Ballet San Jose

plus Mendelssohn's Symphony No. 4, The Italian

(former event)

Danced to a groundbreaking score and choreography of several visionaries, the music by Igor Stravinsky and choreography by Dennis Nahat offer a compelling evening in which the audience can't escape the color and action of this Russian fairy tale.  When a prince captures the mysterious Firebird, the colorful creature must earn her release with a feather that she gives the prince, along with the promise of her magic intercession if he should ever need it. Little does he realize how soon he will have to call on her, and how many people she will be asked to save from the monstrous ruler of the enchanted forest, The Immortal Kastchei.

The forest costumes, characters andd  green lighting that bathes the stage, create an illusion and surreal mood that takes the audience into the drama that unfolds.

Dennis Nahat’s version of the classic story first premiered in October, 2005, winning rave reviews and audience acclaim. Costumes by Ian Falconer that range from the beautiful to the ghoulish, a 3-D set with props and lighting that lend to the story line, compelling music and a Firebird that is so perfectly cast, you begin to think Maria Jacobs is more bird than human, brings you a night of pure escape.

If you see one ballet (and we normally recommend the Ballet San Jose annual production of The Nutcracker, this year The Firebird is our top pick for a superbly cast and expertly choreographed ballet that's one of the most memorable of all.

Maximo Califano as the Immortal Kastchei

Set to Mendelssohn’s Symphony No. 4, “The Italian”, Nahat creates a memorable work (first performed by American Ballet Theatre in 1971) by showcasing his signature style of varied tempos and rhythms. An abstract, joyful ballet undertaken in the classical style, the piece progresses through four movements that culminate in a lively saltarello.

Choreography: DENNIS NAHAT
Music: Symphony #4 in A Major, Opus 90




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