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If you love wine tasting, and we do, Atascadero wine country is an ideal base for wine tours and trips. While the Napa wine country region was traditionally considered the premier growing region for wines, history shows that the Spaniards originally brought plants and established vineyards several hundred years ago. Many of the California missions did, indeed, make their own wines. And the wines were not limited to the northern California region. In reality, wine grapes grow amazingly well from the north to south portions of the state. Since there are no winter periods of freeze conditions, most any area of the state (except mountains and the extremely hot, dry desert) can be turned into a growing field or vineyards.

What's happened in recent years is an incredible growth and establishment of new wineries on the Central Coast California. Paso Robles and Atascadero offers one such region in San Luis Obispo County. The only thing missing from this area's wine experience is an abundance of quality hotels catering to the upscale wine crowd seeking boutique or four diamond digs. We checked out the Carlton Hotel in Atascadero and loved the elegant bar, dining area, cafe, and use of Italian linens  and quality comforters and duvets, but this is a sleepy town that kind of rolls up the sidewalks at night, compared to L.A or San Francisco.

A fairly new Hampton Inn in Paso Robles offers the comfort of this chain hotel brand. And do look for new hotels to come along in years to come. This region (once the main thoroughfare between Northern and Southern California) is becoming a well-trafficked, busy highway as city dwellers have packed up and moved the country, that has begun looking more and more like the city these days. Hopefully as it grows, the beautiful farms that grow lavender, fruits, vegetables and make wines will thrive and coincide with large developers seeking to parcel off the land in this region that for now, offers some great wine tasting.

Located on the California Central Coast, nearby cities and towns include Paso Robles and Templeton. One of the great wine sampling and food tasting events it the

Wild Horse Winery & Vineyards - (805) 434-2541

Bella Luna Winery Inc - (805) 434-5477

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Turley Wine Cellars

Venteux Vineyards - (805) 369-0127

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Casa De Caballos Vineyards - (805) 434-1687

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Welcome to Atascadero Creek Winery
Atascadero Creek is a very small producer of single vineyard red wines in the Green Valley Appelation of Sonoma County, Ca.
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