North County Atascadero Market Blueberries Stand


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Atascadero, Calif.--Shoppers wander along the sidewalks of the North County Market in Atascadero. The Farmers Market is held each Wednesday.


When visiting San Luis Obispo County, the Central Coast California Wine Country, take time to stroll at the local farmers markets as the shoppers shown in the photo above are doing. In the summer you'll be wearing shorts and tanks or t-shirts. Winters, you better bring a coat to stay warm on some of those chilly afternoons.


Located in downtown Atascadero next to the Sunken Gardens , the grass lawns of the spacious civic center plaza bring the community out for something they look forward to each week. Fresh fruits, vegetables and locally grown produce make for a good meal at home. And don't forget the affordable fresh cut flowers that will last about a week till the next event.


Shown in the picture above are shoppers strolling and looking at tables filled with onions, artichokes and a variety of items. This region offers some mighty find boutique wines, too. A few of the wineries show up at the local events from time to time, but it's a short drive to the wine trail that offers tasting of a variety of the wines.