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You don't have to own a pig to kiss one in the Kiss a Pig Contest, held annually in Lakeport contest held in May. Nor do you have be a proud mama or papa of a pooch to enjoy the Wiener Dog Races or Ugliest Dog in the World Contest. California is filled with delightful animal events and attractions throughout the year that will make you realize that hey, we're animals, too! The biggest theme park in the USA and world, Disneyland Resorts, is based on the premise that we can suspend belief and have our picture taken with a human-size mouse named Mickey. And for those of us who live near such destinations that attract millions of people annually in California, we've become quite accustomed to the idea that animals, real or fake, offer entertainment.


Twiggy the Squirrel likes to water ski. You can see Twiggy return to the San Diego Boat Show most years (not sure what the life span is a squirrel is, so you better check each time before going in January.)


Then there's Tyson the Skateboard Dog. He's been on movies and makes an appearance at fairs and festivals such as the Asparagus Festival in Stockton.


From the blessing of the pets in Belmont Shore each year around Easter, to the dog parades, horse shows, rodeos and the longest running events, the County Fairs, you can be entertained throughout the year by our animals friends. In addition to offering petting zoos, livestock shows and competitions, California's 50+ fairs are just a small sampling of the events featuring non - homo sapiens. We make that distinction as science veers ever closer to blending the genes of species in experiments--and making who knows what. 


Confusion can abound, regardless of the sound of a name. When you eat a hotdog, it's extremely unlikely you are chomping on the likes of your pet. The meat blend usually includes beef, pork and turkey. Many fairs and festivals serve "dogs" and fortunately, we feel assured we're not dining on our pets as we are entertained by their antics.


For those who love the animal world so much that they've given up eating them, the president of the U.S. usually pardons a turkey as a PR stint (one such turkey is on display at Disneyland in California.) Birds make great pets and offer some of the most splendid entertainment in California. Minus the bird shows at the San Diego Wild Animal Park, Sea World, or your local zoo, the bird events and shows throughout the year are their grandest when they include "watching" birds in their natural environment. Bird migrations seen at California's wetlands are generally free, and offer one of the most unique opportunities for learning. Likewise, whale watching tours and California coastal excursions offer opportunities for seeing sea life. San Clemente offers the Whale Festival, as does Mendocino.


Whatever your passion, there's plenty of non- homo sapiens action to entertain and educate us humans.






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