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  Monday, January 21, 2008


SANTA MONICA - World Women Trade Fair Hosts Expo that Celebrates World Culture. For the first-time ever, the folks who live in Santa Monica and surrounding areas, will get a taste of third-world culture at the International Handcrafted Gifts and Home Textile Expo to be held on January 20 and 21 at the Santa Monica Doubletree Hilton. The mission of the World Women Trade Fair is to provide economic opportunities to women living in third-world countries and to assist them to gradually build a broad-based market. In addition, the World Women Trade Fair offers U.S. market-orientation training which is a component of their Global Market Access Initiative offering skills training and information to access global markets. At the Expo, World Women Trade Fair will have 50 vendors from over 20 countries represented.  A vendor from Uzbekistan will present suzane silk decorative embroidery that dates back to the Temurid Empire period of the 14th and 15th centuries. Afghanistan, Bolivia, Nepal, Kenya, Mexico, Vietnam and South Africa. Products for sale range from intricately-beaded jewelry and dolls to handcrafted wood models and elaborately-woven baskets. Time: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Location: Santa Monica Double Tree Hilton Santa Monica, 1707 4th Street, Santa Monica, CA. Admission: Free. or Call: 661-456-2286.


WHALE WATCHING - Views available along the vantage points of the California Coast that include Big Sur, Santa Cruz, Humboldt Bay, Monterey Bay, Ventura, Santa Barbara, Point Fermin, Newport Beach and San Diego.

DANA POINT Cruise Photos & Tickets! - Each winter, thousands of California Gray Whales leave the cold Artic Seas and follow the coastline to the warm, calm waters of Southern California and Baja. This 5,000-mile migration brings much of the pod past Dana Point, where pods of Giant Grays can be easily seen and photographed. Dana Wharf Sportfishing – (949) 496-5794; Dana Island Yacht Charters – (949) 248-7400;  Ocean Institute – (949) 496-2274; Aventura Sailing Association – (949) 493-9493;  Captain Dave’s Dolphin Safari – (949) 488-2828
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California gray whale migration from the Arctic to Baja and back. Dolphins, Harbor Seals and Sea Lions and the beautiful Santa Monica Bay coastline on three-hour experience.  (310) 372-2111

SAN DIEGO -  Annual migration of California gray whales to the warm breeding grounds off the coast of Baja California. Glimpse these peaceful "giants of the sea" from Cabrillo National Monument or on special whale-watching cruises. 619-557-5450 or 619-236-1212 | San Diego Hotels |



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