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California vacations are the most popular destination vacations in the U.S. according to the Travel Industry Association. More people take vacations in California than in any other USA destination, with Californians being 85% of travelers within the state for vacation trips (measures as 50 miles or greater with overnight stay.


As trends go, recent studies suggest that Americans are planning their trips more spontaneously. They are booking their reservations online more and more and making those reservations in shorter windows of time than previously. Adults with children have gained additional interest in traveling with their kids. Grandparents and extended families are increasingly taking trips together and more single women are venturing out on vacations. It's a brave new world and California makes the vacation experience possible for all segments. 


A factor in the popularity of California vacations and travel is the price of gas and difficulty in flying. As airport security procedures require people to strip off some of their clothes, remove items from the suitcases, get the computer notebook into a plastic bin, throw the carry on suitcase onto the conveyor belt and take off the shoes, plus be prepared for a body search, the good old days of airline travel are not as fun as they once were. As the bag of nut or pretzels and the soda are offered to sustain you on a flight, some airlines are considering charging an extra fee for window or aisle seats.


It takes a full day  (or more) to drive 1,000 miles from Southern to Northern California.  New air routes have opened up regions for those who simply can't spare the time to drive.  For Californians and those nearby, it's convenient to hop in a car and drive but many Californians are taking to the air as traffic in and out of major cities slows to a crawl. Whatever your preference for getting to California or traveling within the state on a vacation, you can see a lot of attractions in a small radius of cities such as Los Angeles.


There are so many options for pleasure and business travel in and out of California, including Las Vegas casinos, a favored California getaway weekend--but Las Vegas doesn't have the coastline, temperate climate and the beautiful California Beaches that still garner the longest stay for those taking a vacation. 

If you examine the facts about California--it includes 58 counties featuring over 1,000 miles of California beaches, several sets of mountain ranges with lakes and elevations assuring a winter ski season, desert resorts, massive expansive of land both enjoyed for  agricultural interests (ag tours) and as California State Parks and National Parks, then you'll see that California has a lot to celebrate.

As tourists and families seek new experiences, California vacations need not be the traditional trip to the beach. California theme parks, trips to the mountains in the California winter vacation, Ag Tours, food, flower and wine festivals are increasing in popularity.  Many pack their bags to attend the Garlic Festival in Gilroy, the Artichoke Festival in Castroville, Strawberry Festivals in Oxnard and Arroyo Grande and the Rose Parade in Pasadena. With thousands of festivals and events offered on a weekly basis, tourists and travelers have more on their plates to taste than ever before.


Some tourists simply like to "California Shop". It is reported that Japanese shoppers fly into Los Angeles or Orange County airports to spend a few days shopping at South Coast Plaza, Rodeo Drive or other mega-shopping complexes. It's an interesting California vacation idea but isn't for everyone.

Theme parks such as Disneyland bring tourists and family vacationers from around the globe to the original Disney experience with its newer California Adventure an added draw.


Cruise ships depart several ports in California, including Long Beach, San Diego, San Pedro's Port of Los Angeles and San Diego. The cruise ship industry continues to expand with many cruise providers offering 3 to 10-day excursions along the California Coast, to Baja Mexico and even Alaska.


If you are seeking some great ideas for California vacations, look no further than this site to explore the many geographic regions and attractions, amusements, shopping, lighthouses, missions, wineries and beaches that make California Vacations the Number One choice!

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