California Surfing Photos




California Surfing Wipe Out  Photo

California surfing wipe outs are common. It's not easy to look graceful so be prepared for a few spills, tumbles and rolls and learn how to wipe out without getting injured. Injuries associated with surfing include board traumas such as skull fractures, facial fractures and bruises to the vocal chords. Common injuries suffered while catching or riding a wave include head and neck trauma, broken arms and legs, and damage to the knees. Environmental injuries included foreign matter in the lungs, damage to the ear canals from exposure to cold water, lacerations from surf board fins, and stings and bites from marine life.

The number of surfers in the United States increased nearly 50 percent to 2.18 million between 1987 and 2000, according to American Sports Data Superstudy of Sports Participation. Surfing doesn't have to be dangerous. Take it easy and pick small waves when you are starting out.


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