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California Surfing Sunset Photo - Pacific Ocean


California surfing at sunset is really beautiful to watch and take a photo of. Surfers hate to leave the ocean, even when the sun goes down on that perfect beach day. you cann't go wrong taking a silhouette photograph of a surfer carrying a board along the shoreline. What's really nice as well is catching a surfer in the subdued tones of the water as the ocean reflects its colors onto the waves. The colors are sometimes muted and often very pastel. 



When you photograph the California surferr's sunset, you'll need to shut down your f-stops and apertures a bit or face overexposure. Many of today's center-weighted camera meters that utilize light averaging of several sections of the picture frame still cannot over-ride that huge ball of sun.  A different effect you may also experience is the under-exposure where everything comes out really dark except for this big globe, beach ball-like sun. 


What to doo? If you have digital, you can play around with it. Try pointing the camera to several slightly different locations and see how the light changes with each position change.  Not only is it an experiment in lighting effects, it will show you how sensitive your light meter is and how it works.


For the surfer gliding along on that board out in the water, it's a bit tough getting contrast between the surfer dude or dudette and that colored sky. Your angle must be almost below their position on a wave to accomplish such a contrast in color. It can be done at some beaches, however.  Just give it a try. The old-fashioned color film guy or gal taking pictures with celluloid will have to wait to see the results. Nevertheless, a high quality film, a tripod and some great lighting can't be beat for making a big picture blow up to frame on your wall. It's the perfect memento of your California beach vacation.





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