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California Flowers Gardens

Sacramento, California State Capitol Flowers


In the Spring, California State Capitol in Sacramento is a wonderland of color with planted flowers such as tulips in bloom in flower beds surrounding the building. You cann't help but stop and take a photo of the colorful mix of plants and flowers usually donated by garden clubs throughout the State of California.


Located 90 miles northeast of San Francisco and 383 miles north of Los Angeles, Sacramento is the home of the State Capitol of California, the largest state in the United States. The building is set in the midst of a park extending 5 city blocks. The property was owned originally by John Sutter, who deeded it to the city for public parks or plazas.


California Capitol Tulips Photo copyright D.Stock


California is one of Top 6 U.S. Growing States

Where Flowers Come From
Imports account for approx. 70% of the cut flowers sold in the United States.
Floral Stats Statistics based on personal consumer purchases (transactions) of fresh cut
flowers, flowering houseplants, green plants and bedding/garden plants (Does not include business purchases)

What are consumers buying?
 Outdoor bedding/garden plants: 49%
 Cut flowers: 28%
 Flowering/Green houseplants: 23%

Who's buying?
 Women: 81%
 Men: 19%
 For cut flowers only: 67% women, 33% men

For whom are they buying?
 For self: 64%
 As gift: 36%
 For cut flowers only: 31% for self, 69% as gift

More than 400 California growers market cut flowers and foliage valued at nearly $309 million (farmgate value) annually. While there are a number of very large cut flower producers, many operate smaller, family run nurseries located along the California coast. More than 60% of all domestically grown, commercially sold, cut flowers are produced in California. More than 5,000 acres are devoted to commercial growing of fresh cut flowers in California. This includes greenhouse, shade cloth, and outdoor fields. 

Types of fresh flowers and plants purchased for Motherr's Day-
40% Outdoor bedding and garden plants  40% Cut flowers 17% Flowering houseplants   3% Green plants 

Of fresh cut flowers, 42% are mixed bouquets and arrangements, 28% are roses, 15% are carnations, and 15% are single stems. 

65% of Mother's Day floral purchases are made by women, 35% by men

In 1986 Congress voted to make the rose America's national flower. Roses continue to be the single most popular fresh cut flower with consumers. Americans bought 1.3 billion stems of roses in 1999. Studies show women prefer pastel colored roses, while men prefer red.  California supplies approximately 240 million stems (or 18%) of all fresh cut roses sold to U.S. consumers. 

Sources: American Floral Endowment Consumer Tracking Study



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