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California Grom Surfing Kids. Groms, or the little surfers can start on a surfboard at the age of 3 even. Some will go out to the shoreline with a surfing parent and simply pick up the passion as quick and easy as kids do so many things when they're young and have NO FEAR.


Recognizing this ability for youngster to pick up things quickly, a large number of surfing camps have gained popularity in recent years as tourists come to experience California beaches in full measure, including the sport of surfing that's a part of the lifestyle.


Children in schools may pick their school or their parents do so they can be involved with a good surfing team to ensure their competitive needs will be met.


When you see the groms surfing in the water, spend a little time watching them and you may notice that while many lack strength that will come with age and size, the young masters of the wave are honing their skills and are amazingly talented in what appears to be application of natural instincts and learning processes.


California surfers enjoy that special time of day when the sun goes down. If the waves are surf-able, they will go to the beach or will stay on after dark to enjoy the fading moments of light. California surfers wear wetsuits most the year as the water temperature seldom goes above 70 degrees.

Groms or little kids surfers, the youngsters that are just learning to surf, actually provide some fun surf-watching. The tikes begin mastering the waves with some interesting results. Though lacking in strength adults utilize on the waves, the groms are usually quite brave and explore, not have set patterns or a particular surfing style just yet.


Parents can start their kids surfing at summer camps or get them out on boards with the mom or dad so the parent can enjoy the sport and watch the child at the same time.


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