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Date California Food - Wine Festival Events  -  Event Festivals California
California Festivals - Fruits and Vegetables
APPLES October - Apple Festival Springville  -
ARTICHOKES May - Artichoke Festival Castroville -
ASPARAGUS April - Stockton -
BUTTER November - Oak Glen Butter Festival -
CHERRIES June - San Leandro Cherry Festival & Parade
GRAPEFRUIT April - Borrego Springs
LEMONS August - Lemon Festival Chula Vista E & G St.
  September - Lemon Fest Ventura  E. Main & Lemon Grove -
  October - Lemon Festival Goleta - Girsh Park -
MANDARINS November - Auburn Mountain Mandarin Festival -
MUSHROOM May - Morgan Hill -
MUSTARD Jan - March - Napa Valley
NUTS September - Almond Festival Oakley -
PEACHES July - Marysville -
  May - Arroyo Grande -
  May - Garden Grove -
  May - Oxnard -
  May - Wheatland
  June-July Watsonville Strawberry Dessert Festival
  August - Monterey Bay Strawberry Festival -
TOMATOES August - Yuba City Tomato Festival -
  September - Carmel Tomato Festival -
WALNUTS September - Upper Lake
ZUCCHINIS September - Angels Camp -
  California Food - In addition to dining in great restaurants, Food, Fruit and Wine Festival Events are some of the most popular event attractions for tourists and travelers in California. Since California is one of the top producers of many fruits, vegetables and foods such as beef and milk, it's no surprise that there are hundreds of festival events celebrating one of our favorite activities, dining. Wine, strawberries, avocados, lemons, artichokes, garlic, mandarin, dates and other foods are the focus of events that normally run several days. Usually tied to the crop harvest, they are celebrated with food sales, samples, game booths, products, cooking contests and carnival rides, sometimes.  The most popular festivals in California are wine celebrations, tastings and events. Strawberries are celebrated in several cities, and chocolate is gaining in popularity as a favored food.  The tastes of the hungry public don't change drastically. Some of the food events have been held for decades. It was said that famed actress Marilyn Monroe launched her career at the Castroville Artichoke Festival. These hometown events can attract visitors from around the globe who share a passion for foods and wine. While most seem very localized and cling to the small-town atmosphere, some have become huge events requiring year-long planning.  Submit food festivals, fairs, parades and holiday-related events for consideration or to make correction on listed events, please notify at: