California Civil War Show - Reenactment Civil War




A California Civil War Show or Reenactment is an awesome experience complete with actors wearing period costumes from the USA Civil War era of the 1800's. California actually provided troops for the Civil War and the passion of their service lives in today's civilians who purchase replica costumes, spend thousands of dollars on flags, clothing and mock weapons. These weekend warriors enjoy traveling to re-enactments held throughout California.

The photos shown on our site were taken an one such annual event in Huntington Beach, California. This event is held at Central Park on Labor Day weekend most years..  Those participating invite the public to come, purchase goods and food, watch the mock battles and then visit the encampments to obtain a flavor for the way life was.

The audience comes in shorts, brings digital cameras and takes the kids along, who marvel at the event. The thunderous boom of a canon is sometimes horrifying, sometimes awesome for children to hear.  As soldiers fall on the battlefield, some children do not understand that this is a staged event. Parents then tell their children to watch the soldiers climb from death to walk again and perform another battle hours later.  If you have the opportunity to attend one of the Civil War re-enactments, please do so. It is educational to the point of making you want buy an outfit sold at the event and come camping with the group at their next show.  Note: You are not encouraged to be talking on a cell phone if you're a reenactor. Leave the phone at home!














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