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California Christmas & Holiday Events 2009


California Christmas events are shaping all year long. As soon as one Christmas holiday ends, people and event planners are already coming up with the next year's festivities. Over 15 seasonal ice rinks throughout California, over 1,000 jolly Santa's helpers, over 15 boat parades, singing choirs, and theme parks holiday shows are but a sampling of the merry Christmas events to make your season merry and bright.


Christmas Holiday Events celebrate one of California's favorite seasons.  Californians embrace the traditions that surround the holidays spanning December and New Year's, and take time to enjoy the merriment through a variety of events and activities. It's never to early to start planning your holiday season. In fact, some events, parades and stores focus on Christmas all year long, trying to make it better and more memorable with each passing season.


The holidays are not only a time to celebrate and cherish our families, friends and traditions, but to get out and explore our communities.  California Christmas events begin in October and extend through early January, and include holiday pictures, gift giving, cards to send and receive, and parties galore with tree lightings, open house, receptions and opportunities for the kids to meet Santa Claus.


From shopping for gifts to buying a tree, visiting Santa Claus to watching a delightful Nutcracker Ballet, you'll discover Christmas parties, concerts, games, eggnog drinks, plays, movies and countless events in California. Christmas in California doesn't just happen on December 25, however. It goes on all year long as folks decide to keep the holiday bulbs lit because they look so festive. From a Halloween costume, the Grinch Who Stole Christmas, to Harley Motorcycle Santa Claus dudes that head to Mother's Bar or Cook's Corner, signs of Christmas are everywhere.


Santa can be seen with a sleigh and reindeer at Seal Beach Pier, but you may also see him in a Classic Woody car at Pismo Beach, in a lighted tractor parade in Ferndale, lighted big rig parade in Eureka, or arriving by surfboard in a Capitola (Santa Cruz) tradition. Santa's helpers are working hard, too. There are countless community fund-raising events and efforts helping to bring Christmas to girls and boys throughout California.


Rare is the dance troupe that doesn't perform Nutcracker Balletoften a sell out! Nautical light parades, gondola rides and the NO CHRISTMAS Parade in Sunset Beach or the Do-It-Yourself Messiah sing along performance in Livermore are but a few of the unique events allowing the public to participate first-hand. From the lavish Glory of Christmas show at Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove to the tallest living, lighted Christmas tree in the US (in Ferndale), you'll discover California celebrates Christmas in a big way. Join in the fun by looking at our special section that pays tribute to Christmas in California.


Fun boat rides include the Long Beach / Naples Boat Christmas Lights Tour

Fun places to visit include L.A. Zoo's Reindeer at the Zoo


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