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California Hotel & Lodging Association partners with California Association of Bed & Breakfast Inns

California Hotel & Lodging Association - CH&LA and CABBI today announced that the two organizations have entered into a partnership that will strengthen the voice of California's lodging industry across all market sectors, while providing property owners with the tools to operate a successful lodging business in California.

"This is a great step toward unifying the California lodging industry," said CH&LA Chairperson Tony Bruno, vice president of Disneyland Resort Hotels & Downtown Disney. "This partnership gives the industry a stronger voice at the capitol and integrates CABBI into the largest lodging association in California ."

"This partnership is another positive sign for the California tourism industry and only strengthens our collective voice," stated Caroline Beteta, executive director of the California Travel & Tourism Commission. "Congratulations to CH&LA and CABBI on a giant step toward unifying the tourism industry."

This strategic partnership will allow CH&LA to concentrate on critical legislative, economic and educational issues pertinent to the California lodging industry, while CABBI focuses intently on developing and implementing targeted marketing opportunities for California bed and breakfast inns. A CABBI Council, largely comprised of the CABBI Board of Directors, has been created within CH&LA to direct CABBI programs and services. CABBI members will receive CH&LA and AH&LA member benefits, in addition to CABBI's current programs and services.

"We are pleased to partner with the most influential state lodging association anywhere," said CABBI Board of Directors President Stephen Willey. "CH&LA will significantly broaden program resources available to CABBI members. In turn, CH&LA members who own B&Bs will benefit from CABBI's niche industry expertise. We are looking forward to a long and successful relationship."







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