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California Beach Posters provide some of the greatest cultural documentation of the moods, the ins and outs of an era in which they were created..  Popular promotional vehicles, the poster concept is not new.  For centuries, posters and papers have been posted announcing some public event or notice.  In the United States, posters were once used to notify the public that award was offered for the capture of some person wanted for crimes. At the turn of the 20th century, front-men would go from town to town with their posters to announce the arrival of a circus. Those early efforts are not much different from today's events promotions posters you'll find in store windows and places the promotion person or company can convince others to "post" for the upcoming attraction, show, parade, festival or other event.  Below are a few of the may posters we've received or collected at BEACHCALIFORNIA.COM. 






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