California Christmas

California Beach Christmas can't be beat. The Christmas parade photos above show a very small town atmosphere enjoyed in cities and communities throughout California during the winter holiday and celebrated each year in December. We've compiled some really special holiday events that make you want to pack up and travel during the holidays to these great California towns where people sing, hold parades, string up lights, celebrate and share joy.

Notice the motorcycle police officer in uniform wearing a short sleeve shirt. If you come from colder climates on a winter beach vacation to California, you'll probably laugh at the winter attire at Southern California, especially. Ugg boots with fur lined trim to keep you warm, coats, jackets and even heavy coats can be seen in places where it's 65 degrees!  Californians need excuses to wear the fashion enjoyed during the winter season around the globe. So they often purchase a coat, boots and other clothing that's enjoyed elsewhere.

For a Christmas at the Beach, be sure to pack some shorts, sandals and long pants. Also be sure to bring a jacket. You just never know what the climate will be like. But if the norm holds true, around Christmas and New Year's you should see some sunshine and warm days filled with the spectacular weather that made people pack up and leave their homes like migrating birds.

Whether you celebrate Christmas or just enjoy the trappings and merriment that surrounds it, there's some really fun beach stuff you can purchase from the California Greetings beach store.  From Santa surfing ornaments to some surfing and beach-themed home decor, bamboo curtains, tiki, Hawaiian gifts and what-nots, take a look at our web page to get you started on your year-round or holiday shopping!





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