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  California Art

Anderson Art Gallery Baseball Exhibit


Video: Works of  Milford Zornes by Bill Anderson


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Video: Museum of Latin American Art - Long Beach


Video: Sawdust Festival - Laguna Beach


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California Art, Artists, Galleries - California Artwork


California Art includes world-class exhibits, museums, public art and galleries featuring top California artists, plus international visionaries. California art allows visitors, tourists, locals and children, especially, to embrace the the ultimate expression of creative thinking translated to canvas in paintings, in metal, glass and wood sculptures and in ceramics and unique new materials never seen till now. If you have not been bitten by the art bug, start with some easy projects such as viewing the Hollywood Tower at the Walk of Fame or go to the The Getty (free admission) where art & architecture create dynamic effects that must be experienced first hand. The beauty of California's art is that it is accessible, with many museums either offering free admission or having free entry days.


California Art Museums & Public Galleries

DeYoung Museum
San Francisco
 San Jose Museum of Art
The Getty
Los Angeles
Museum of Latin American Art - Long Beach
San Diego Museum of Art
California Architecture
Long Beach Art Museum



Public Art

Wyland Murals
Watts Tower
Urban Tattoos
Oversized Farm Art
Chromatic Gate - Herbert Bayer - Santa Barbara
Solar Intersection -Robert Behrens - Davis, CA
Hollywood Tower
Santa Rosa
Lompoc Murals
Plaza Mural Calabasas
Santa Monica
Artwalk Anaheim
Tom Otterness
See No Evil
Bay of Smokes
 Signal Hill
Art - A- Fair

Private Galleries & Artists

Bill Anderson Art
Gallery - Sunset Beach
Dean Torrence
Jan & Dean Band
Serenity Art Gallery -
Big Bear City
Surf Genre Posters
Timothy Wolcott
 Gallery - Big Bear Lake
Santa Barbara Art Fair
Greg Clarke Photos
California Art and Artists cannot be contained within the boundaries of a state as seen by the bios of but a few artists featured here. Success brings worldwide exposure to many, who in the true nature of art, are appreciated more in other countries and states than in their own beloved California. California is a fairly new state that's only been around as an official institution since 1850. As you travel the globe and view the great art masterpieces, museums and architectural adornments in countries thousands of years old, your perspective changes about California's art scene.  There are many wonderful, world-class museums in California featuring renowned pieces that are hundreds, if not thousands of years old.  The art museums are usually quite affordable and access to many great artists is as easy as walking down the street and meeting a neighbor in California. Whether viewing a mural created by a collaborative of artists in a public place or looking at a famous piece hanging on the walls of The Getty, be sure to take time from your busy life to experience art in California.