kids look at Calabasas mural
calabasas mural

Where the Sky Meets the Hills by Elsa Flores, 2002
Calabasas, California Tile Mural and Fountain


Calabasas--This tile mural next to an Albertson's grocery store in Creekside Village Shopping Center,  Calabasas, California, features a beautiful scene depicting the native animals, flora and fauna, including a red fox that stands gingerly by a stream in a creation titled, "Where the Sky Meets the Hills." Created in 2002 by Elsa Flores, it is easy to view when you stop in Calabasas for food and / or an overnight stay at hotels located off the 101 Highway north of Los Angeles near Simi Valley. 

The mall includes sandwich shops, Starbuckk's Coffee and McDonald's, providing a great place to stretch your legs and grab a bite during road trips north or south.


The mural includes raised stone surfaces and water that flows from the wall mural to a fountain where a peek inside includes realistic shapes made by tile depicting turtles and colorful fish swimming in the water.. 


The next time you are traveling on Highway 101 not far from Pepperdine University, be sure to turn off the Highway at Los Virgenes and travel southwest just a block or two to Creekside Village..


Credits - Artist Assistant - Wayne Perry; Studio assistants Max Blum, Aaron "Bud", Miles Arnay, Kady Hillseth, Harnnah Chodos, Mayo Almaraz, Mom-E's Helpers include Vivien Fortunaso, Gina Lobaco, Chris Billum and Jill Canon. Special thanks to Gail Goldman, Scott Lorenz, Deborah Ann, Heather, Westrust, Laureen Maurick, Clabasas City Council, Gina Rose, Penny Hakian, Gabi& Ruti Sabag - CS Construction of Reseda, Luis Perez, Ivan Perez, Martin Morales, Oracio Martin, Pascual de la Rosa, Omero Flores, Gina Diaz and Ray Rubalcava.