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Boudin Bakery San Francisco Photos and Information


boudin bakery photos


Boudin at the Wharf is located at the corner of Jefferson and Taylor Streets in the heart of Fisherman's Wharf. Boudin at the Wharf, 160 Jefferson Street, San Francisco, CA 94133, Phone: 415.928.1849.


Take the Boudin Museum, Lunch and Wax Museum Tour Combo. TICKETS


It  includes the art and science behind original San Francisco Sourdough bread. Watch flour pumped at high velocity from a silo directly into the mixer as dough is tossed from the mezzanine to the ground floor, where it is hand finished and baked. Next, dine on Clam Chowder in a Bread Bowl before crossing the street to the world famous Wax Museum. You will tour over 275 life like wax figures from famous celebrities, world leaders, sports champs and Chillin Chamber of Horrors.



Boudin Bakery in San Francisco is an attraction, a food and tradition that tourist can't ignore. From the moment you hop off the plane at San Francisco, San Jose or Oakland Airports and you pass by gift stores as you exit the terminal building, you'll see the bright red, yellow and blue Boudin Sourdough logo on packages of bread neatly piled in racks for tourists to purchase and eat on the run. Boudin Sourdough bread is a lifestyle Bay Area residents miss when forced to relocateand for tourists, it becomes one more compelling reason you have to take a trip to San Francisco. The smell and taste of this freshly baked bread when served with soft butter is to die for.


For those who want to immerse themselves in the bread experience, there's no better place to learn about Boudin Sourdough than at Boudin at the Wharf. This large, two story factory building includes the first story Bakers Hall with Boudin Bakery CafĂ©, a walk up counter where you can order espresso drinks, sandwiches, sourdough pizzas and signature soups served in sourdough bread bowls. Tables and chairs are situated next to the counter in a serve-yourself atmosphere. Baker’s Hall food shop showcases the favorite local flavors and is popular for take-out items and gifts.


On the second floor of Boudin Bakery, Bistro Boudin is anchored by a rustic brick pizza oven and a 2nd story loft museum overlooking the bread making facilities. While the restaurant serves the local flavors in luncheon and dinner menus in a casual atmosphere with bay views,  Boudin at the Wharf Museum and Bakery Tour adjacent to the restaurant is open daily till around 5 p.m.


A tour of the museum includes lots of photo displays documenting the genesis of this bread into a way of life. It began in 1849 when Isidore Boudin first applied the artistry of French baking to a basic Sourdough technique and created the Original San Francisco Sourdough French Bread. Today the breads are artistically created in a variety of shapes and product offerings to reflect the passion of bread making as an art form as well as a epicurean delight. The Boudin bread empire has become so popular, in fact, that you'll find it served fresh at Disneys California Adventure theme park at the Boudin at Disney restaurant. While the bread is extremely popular inside the park, it only serves as a reminder to tourists visiting Anaheim on a Disneyland vacation that they need to extend their trip and visit the San Francisco Fisherman's Wharf. The smell of fresh Boudin Sourdough as it wafts through the air and mixes with the sea scents and fresh fish shops makes it ever more endearing to those who love San Francisco.