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Encinitas Boat Houses San Diego County California



These dual, matching boat houses that sit atop a hill are hard to miss in Encinitas, California


The historical Boat Houses  on 726 and 732 Third Street were built by Miles Kellog as two homes and are not seaworthy vessels.  They were built out of salvaged wood from two historic buildings that were demolished in 1928 - The Moonlight Beach Dance Parlor and the third floor of the first Encinitas Hotel. 


The Boat Houses are equipped with a marinerr’s wheel and chart desk in the pilot house, a gallery, portholes, cabins and a rudder.   


Californians love their boats. In addition to Boat Canyon and Boat houses, you could be driving along and see a boat car in Seal Beach, California. These are just some of the boat-themed items paying homage to boats.