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Boat Car in Seal Beach, California


You never know what to expect when sitting at a stoplight in California. You may see Brad Pitt, Cameron Diaz or people riding in a boat. Though youu'd rather see Brad or Cameron, in this photo we captured the boat car.

A stoplight at the corner of Main Street and Pacific Coast Highway in Seal Beach, California is an entertaining place. If you have first space at the stoplight, you can peer down Main Street to see street banners announcing a special event or you can catch glimpse of the marquee at the Seal Beach Theatre to find out what classic films are showing.


As you wait for the light to turn and the traffic to start up like the Grand Prix race held a few miles away in downtown Long Beach, youu'll notice beach-goers, families and an assortment of activity at this bustling intersection that experiences thousands of cars and vehicles passing through each day.


The busy thoroughfare connects the coastal cities of Southern California and offers several easy access points just a stoplight or two from the San Diego Freeway.  Both a commuter road, a local access street and a place frequented by beach-goers, on a busy summer weekend the traffic can back up for up to 10 minutes, providing ample time to watch the scenery.


California is all about driving and the car.  It wasn't always that way in Seal Beach, however. There was a time when the growth of the community depended on the railroad that was built to attract residents from Los Angeles to this far away place. A Red Car Museum in Seal Beach commemorates that era with in an authentic car that ran the rails before the system was destroyed and gas-guzzling vehicles took over. While sitting at the stop light in Seal Beach on your next visit, turn toward the beach on Main Street and make your first right at the 4-way stop to see the Red Car. It's really neat and is open for viewing some Saturdays.


If you really want to immerse yourself in history and cars, be sure to enjoy Seal Beach's annual Classic Car Show, usually held in April.