the Bowl at Van's Skate Park
City Boulevard West, Orange, California

    Vans Skatepark


    These guys were just playing around and didn't know what to do with this. It was beyond most of their skill levels but you can tell that they aren't intimidated and with no crowds in the park, it was theirs to stand in. Some day they will probably own it.

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If skateboarding is your passion, please don't miss the best park around. It is near the Garden Grove Freeway at The Block in Orange. Van's Skate is the largest skate park in the world, featuring an 80-foot vert ramp and extensive indoor street course.

Van's Skate Park Sessions run all day.


All skaters must sign a release form prior to skating in the park. Anyone under 18 must have a parent or legal guardian present to  sign the release form. If a parent or guardian is unable to be present, the form must be notarized. 


Vans Skate Park locations:
One City Blvd. West,  Orange, CA                    (714) 769-3800 
4758 East Mills Circle, Ontario, CA                   (909) 476-5914