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Huntington Beach Roller Blading, Roller Skating Photos and Map


huntington beach roller blade photos
roller skating photos huntington beach


Huntington Beach skating, roller blading and skateboarding tell you one thing. HB's got wheels! A beach city on the move in fast paced Southern California and The OC just can't slow down to let the blades of grass grow under these roller blading feet. There's plenty of cement and concrete in Huntington Beach and that makes the perfect ingredients a skate session.  From the weekly Fun Roll that meets at the Huntington Beach Pier Plaza Saturday mornings ( to the do-it-yourself exploration, skaters of all kinds are out in force and nothing's going to slow them down.


There's a good reason for this, too! One of the most popular sports along the coast is inline roller blading. Well paved paths stretch from Sunset Beach (1 mile in length), through Huntington Beach (8.5 miles) and onto Newport Peninsula (nearly 3 miles).  It is possible to get in nearly a 12 mile workout, one direction or 24 miles round trip. Blades can be rented at several shops along the beach path on the Newport Beach Peninsula, Balboa Island and in Huntington Beach along the sandy beach at concession shops. Think about that. You can skate all day if you like.  In fact, we have friends who hit the concrete an skate the entire Southern California coast from Pacific Palisades south for miles. There are portions on these trails that just stop so in reality, you'll find that Huntington Beach does not connect to the northern Orange County city of Seal Beach because of the Pacific Coast Highway bridge over the Anaheim Bay. 


When you arrive in town, itt's not very likely that you'll have a pair of skates with you on your travels. For that reason, you can rent a pair at the beach near the Huntington Beach Pier. Our friends at Zacks Beach Rentals are the folks to meet for you skating needs. They have all sizes, but you might remember to bring some socks!


While skating can really get you rolling, you should be aware that are local posted speed limits and advisory cautions such as dogs and people crossing the skate bath. Believe it or not, there are actually bicycle police officers who can cite you for going to fast in the summer months when traffic becomes quite heavy on the paths..  It doesn't happen often but just know that it may.

There is a parking lot next to the pier that charges per hour fees but free parking can be found a few blocks away, up any street from 6th to 17th, where there are no meters. 


Huntington Beach, California is known not only for its great roads but also for the well-maintained 8.5 mile cement path that runs parallel to Pacific Coast Highway. Located on the ocean side of the highway, this path sees thousands of bicyclists, joggers and walkers on a daily basis. The scenic paved path some prefer to call a promenade, boardwalk or road stretches from Sunset Beach (1 mile in length), through Huntington Beach (8.5 miles) and through Newport Peninsula (nearly 3 miles). It is possible to get a 12 mile workout one direction or 24 miles total. For the distance workouts, you can take the underpass that connects to the Santa Ana River Trail near the bridge beyond Brookhurst Street. That trail goes all the way through Orange County to Yorba Linda and Featherly Park for an estimated additional 32 miles one direction.


Huntington Beach weekly fun roll is an informal group (all are invited) to take an exercise journey  16 miles round trip. All ages and levels are welcome to ride bikes, roller skates and even jog if you can keep up. Several stops along the way allow for people to catch up with the bulk of the crowd, in fact.  Wear protective gear - at least wrist guards and a helmet. It's a fantastic way for tourists to meet locals, newcomers to make new friends and for all to get acquainted, get sunshine and get healthy.



roller blading path map

Pictured above is the Huntington Beach Roller Blade and Roller Skate Map. The yellow line next to the ocean indicates the sand beaches where the blading path runs from Sunset Beach, through Huntington Beach and stops at the southern portion at The Wedge and West Jetty Park.


Zacks  Concession  714-536-0215

Rentals of bikes, tandems and roller blades are available at many concessions along the way. Zack's Beach Concessions offers a variety of bicycles to rent on an hourly basis.