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Artists pictured top photo left to right: Bill Anderson, Howard Hitchcock, Raul Anguiano, Henry Fukuhara and Milford Zornes. 



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Anderson Art Gallery

HB's 100th Birthday / Video about exhibit

Anderson Art Exhibit features Baseball

Milford Zornes watercolors video shown by Bill Anderson



Sunset Beach, CA--Bill Anderson Art Gallery is known throughout the world. Artist and owner Bill Anderson, receives buyers from New York and Spain to his gallery space in Sunset Beach. Oddly, the local audience has not been his largest clientele, but things are changing. As the Hollywood crowd moves south to Orange County, Anderson is meeting more customers such as actress Cameron Diaz, who purchased a sculpture of a mother and child for her very own mom. For those who know and appreciate fine art, the prices at the gallery are reduced from the New York galleries where the artists' works sell for much more. Perhaps that's why many collectors hop on a plane to visit the Sunset Beach gallery. The Southern California vacation is merely a bonus to a shopping trip to collect great works. Anderson Art Gallery, 16812 Pacific Coast Highway, Sunset Beach, CA. 90742. (562) 592-4393. Hours: Fridays and Saturdays 1 to 10 p.m., Sundays 1 to 8 p.m. or by appointment.


Anderson could fill a gallery with his paintings and sculptures alone. The Minnesota-born retired art teacher has traveled the globe to view placement of his artwork in solo and group exhibits in Italy, Holland and Mexico. His works are included in the permanent collections of the Vincent Price Museum, Bowers, Museum, Carnegie Museum and in Mexico at the National Museum of Watercolor and also at the National Museum of Printmaking.  Listed in the Who's Who in American Art and Who's Who in American Education, he's also co-written books and been featured in the prestigious History of California Watercolor book, as well.


There's no stupid question around the patient teacher, Bill Anderson. His passion for art has no bounds as he surrounds himself with other great artists and a wife who's modeled for many of his paintings. Ausma Anderson is as amiable and knowledgeable as her husband, though she often defers technical questions to him in the gallery she co-owns and operates.


The Andersons' friends include an Encyclopedia of watercolor history.  From the master who helped shape the American watercolor movement, Milford Zornes (passed away in 2008 at age of 100), to an all star cast of visionaries such as Raual Anguiano, Henry Fukuhara and Howard Hitchcock, you'll sometimes find these great artists dropping by the Anderson Gallery. Even when they are not visiting Sunset Beach, their art is represented on the walls, mantles and display space of one of the finest galleries on the West Coast.


Taco Surf Watercolor
 Sunset Beach
Mother's - Sunset Beach
Sunset Park


The gallery itself is not large or plush. It is part of a building that includes the famous Captain Jack's Seafood Restaurant. It's a comfortable space filled with drawers and bins of original watercolor paintings. In the manner that some shops sell posters, Anderson Gallery includes many unframed masterpiece works that you need to sort through before finding that gem of choice. Falling in love with great art is not difficult. On several visits we admired a Milford Zornes painting hung on the wall. A steal at no more than $200 (it was fairly small) one day it was there and the next, it was gone.


When you are in the area, don't miss a visit to Anderson Gallery, 16812 Pacific Coast Highway, Sunset Beach, CA. 90742. (562) 592-4393. Hours: Fridays and Saturdays 1 to 10 p.m., Sundays 1 to 8 p.m., Mondays and Tuesdays by appointment. Hours are subject to change, please call to confirm.