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Big Bear Lake Fine Arts Photo Gallery - Photographer Timothy Wolcott




Timothy Wolcott Fine Arts Gallery
40700 Village Drive

Big Bear Lake, CA 

Call: (951) 741-1674



Fine Art Photographer Timothy Wolcott is shown in his gallery and exploring nature in the Big Bear Valley.


Big Bear Lake in the San Bernardino Mountain provides inspiration for the photographer in us all. For a real treat, be sure to step into the gallery of Fine Arts Photographer Timothy Wolcott. There's no better place to experience the beauty of nature than the Bear Valley and no better gallery than the Wolcott Gallery to look at the most beautiful scenes captured throughout the United States. Timeless images such as mirrored reflections in a lake that take the brilliant reds, yellows and orange shades of autumn leaves and twist them in a dreamlike, separate reality, demarcated by a horizontal plain where earth's elements, water and land meet. From this beautiful New England scene to California's striking contrasts provided courtesy of nature, Wolcott's art is spectacular. Some web pages with his work include California National Parks and Death Valley.


Not only does he have a keen eye for composition and lighting, however, he is master of the print. As pioneer of inventions that have changed the way photographers create archival art, Wolcott has pushed the limits and moved photography into a brave new world never seen. For the first time ever, perception is most accurately represented on the canvas, thanks to perseverance and creative thinking from an artist who's been driven since he was a kid.

This fine art/landscape photographer became one of the youngest members of the prestigious Association of International Photography Art Dealers (AIPAD) at the age of 23.


The culmination of Ansel Adams' lifelong goal to attain pigment printing for photography was achieved by Wolcott, who helped pioneer a unique color pigment printing system that allows photographers to produce truly archival color photographs with the saturation and tonal brilliance best representing the real image or artist's intended results. Never ceasing to explore, Wolcott also invented special papers and coatings to produce the finest archival photographs in existence. Collectors of Timothy Wolcott fine art photographs include the Guggenheim and Smithsonian.


What's special about this accomplished artist is his personality. You cannot insult him with stupid questions about cameras or photography or whatever. Wolcott is genuinely nice and enjoys sharing his passion for fine art with those who pass by his gallery to browse while in The Village.


Wolcott's work is shown in numerous art galleries, at Fortune 500 corporate offices and is sold as signed collector art, perfect for your home, office or to give as a gift. We are proud to endorse and represent Timothy Wolcott's art, a real value for collectors.  Wolcott prints are available in a variety of sizes typically sold in these formats: 11 X 14", 14 X 18", 20 X 24", 24 X 30", 32 X 40" and 40 X 50". The cost of his signed photographs range from $310 +shipping to around $2000.



Mention BEACHCALIFORNIA.COM website to receive a special gift when placing your order. To place an order: Call 951-741-1674 or 909-878-9214. Visit the Gallery in Big Bear Lake, California; at 40700 Village Drive. Or send an email to: Tim Wolcott




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