belmont shore beach sign
picture of Belmont Shore beach

Belmont Shore Beaches and Photos, Long Beach, California


Belmont Shore, Calif.--Someone in Belmont Shore clearly has a sense of humor as seen the photo above. Posting a mile marker in the sand at the beach along Ocean Ave., the sign says Sydney is 7489 Mile(s) and and Australia is 2000.  Framed by a deep blue sky, the rough edges of a palm tree. and countless palm trees lining a sand path where the houses overlooking the sandy beach, Belmont Shore is one of Southern California's favorite communities and beaches. It is here at this beach that you can launch jetskis, surf-kites, and across the street you can catch a gondola ride, rent a kayak or swim the Alamitos Bay with Naples and Belmont Shore sharing the waterways.

Stretching along 2nd Street and Ocean Avenue on the southern most end of the city, Belmont Shores and Naples were intended by early 20th century developers to carry the theme of an Italian-styled community running along canals.  Naples saw such dreams to fruition through the efforts of A.M. Parsons. When plans were scrapped because of cost and logistics, Belmont Shore instead became a charming beach community that developed a passion for its beaches. Cottages were built within walking distance to the beach and further down the road along the Long Beach peninsula you'll find beaches actually on the sand or bay.  What a magical place. Both charming and cosmopolitan, the waterways carry freighters from around the globe to the Long Beach and Los Angeles Ports just a stone's throw from this beach shown in the photo above. 


On a visit to Southern California, Long Beach beaches and bays can make for a fantastic day of sunning and relaxing..  There's a Mother's Beach near Marine Stadium nearby as well. And Long Beach has its very own dog park to enjoy for pet owners.  As for signage, you'll may see some unusual signs from time to time, posted near a place that's been called the Flip Flop Shack.  It's all part of the fun-loving irreverence that the Long Beach(ers?) enjoy.